International Program Committee

  • Pam Bartholemew, Australia
  • Baburao Baviskar, India
  • Ian Blue, Australia
  • Amanda Bryan, United Kingdom
  • John Bryden, United Kingdom, IRN Chair
  • Jane Farmer, United Kingdom
  • Chuck Fluharty, United States, Conference Co-Chair
  • Gouying Dang, China
  • Tom Johnson, United States, Conference Co-Chir
  • Dave Lamie, United States
  • Eric Mackenzie, United Kingdom
  • Emilia Martinez-Brawley, United States
  • David McSwan, Australia
  • Jim Montgomery, Canada
  • Lakshmi Murthy, India
  • Kimanzi Muthengi, Kenya
  • Linda Myers, Canada
  • Kevin O Toole, Australia
  • Ray Pong, Canada
  • Patrizia Pugliese, ltaly
  • Doug Ramsay, Canada
  • Bill Reimer, Canada
  • Frank Rennie, United Kingdom
  • Aileen Robertson, Denmark
  • Jack Shelton, United States
  • Tom Tiller, Norway
  • Craig Veitch, Australia
  • Russell Yates, New Zealand

United States Planning Committee

  • Becky Anderson, HandMade in America
  • Matt Chase, National Association of Development Organizations
  • Dudley Cocke, Roadside Theater
  • Ray Daffner, Appalachian Regional Commission
  • Dee Davis, Center for Rural Strategies
  • Mark Drabenstott, Center for the Study of Rural America - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Jonatan Watts Hull, Southern Legislative Conference of The Council of State Governments
  • Colleen Landkamer, National Association of Counties
  • Sally Maggard, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Keith Mueller, RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis
  • Wayne Myers , National Rural Health Association
  • Bill Scaggs, Rural Community College Alliance
  • Joe Sertich, Northeast Minnesota Higher Education District
  • Rachel Tompkins, Rural School and Community Trust

Special thanks to:

  • Vicki Glass, Director of Meetings, National Association of Development Organizations
  • Marcie McLaughlin, National Policy Programs Director
  • Jocelyn Richgels, National Policy Programs Director
  • Nicola Swan, Honorary Secretary, International Rural Network


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