International Organising Committee

  • Conference Convenor: Professor John Bryden
  • Conference Facilitator: Rhys Evans
  • Jack Shelton IRN, USA.
  • Tom Gougeon University of Calgary, Canada
  • Tom Tiller Unikom, Norway
  • David McSwan James Cook University, Australia
  • Darlene Higgins Malaspina University College, Canada
  • Nicola Swan, IRN, UK.
  • Jim Montgomery Malaspina University College, Canada.
  • Sandor Koles Carpathian Foundation, Hungary
  • Dale Hamilton Ontario, Canada
  • Cindy Carlson, Oxford, UK
  • Prof Baburao Baviskar, India.
  • Prof David Douglas University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Chuck Fluharty RUPRI, University of Missouri
  • Dr. Abdul Halim University of Technology, Papua New Guinea
  • Jean-Pierre Vercruysse. AEIDL, Belgium
  • Stephen Wright, Gloucestershire Rural CC. Gloucestershire, UK
  • Jenny Deauville Institute of Rural Health, Wales.
  • Dr Neil Chisholm University of Highlands and Islands, UK
  • Prof Emilia E Martinez-Brawley, University of Arizona, USA.

Local Organising Committee

  • Chair: Professor John Bryden, Arkleton Centre for Rural Development Research.
  • Dr. Rhys Evans, Arkleton Centre for Rural Development Research. Conf. Facilitator
  • Amanda Bryan, Conference Organiser, Inverness
  • Jo Parkes, Conference Secretary
  • Dr Neil Chisholm, UHI Millennium Institute, Caledonia House, Inverness.
  • Duncan Kirkpatrick
  • Dr Stuart Black, Head of Strengthening Communities, HIE, Inverness.
  • Helen Betts-Brown/Norman MacAskill, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
  • Lorna Campbell, Communities Action Network Scotland.
  • Richard Robinson, Scottish Natural Heritage.
  • Eric McKenzie, RARARI, Inverness
  • Agnes Rennie , Isle of Lewis
  • Dr Birgit Jensch, Research Fellow, Dugald Baird Centre for Research
  • Polly Chapman, Highland Council, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness.
  • Fiona McLaren/Moira Unwin The Highlands of Scotland Convention Bureau
  • Helen Betts-Brown, Head of Rural Development SCVO Inverness.
  • James Douglas, NHS Highland.
  • Marie Ross, Communities Scotland
  • George Gray, HMIE Scotland.
  • Chris Higgins, Highlands and Islands Enterprises


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