International Forum The Family farms are the main providers of food and wealth in West Africa

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International Forum

The Family farms are the main providers of food and wealth

in West Africa


At the end of three days of presentations, discussions and debates, the participants at the Dakar Forum finalized a declaration that they intend to disseminate widely in the peasant movement and the authorities involved in West African agriculture and rural development. Behind the reflections and proposals contained in the declaration, the major issues of the Forum is really focused on the agricultural model that should be pursued and supported in West Africa. Face-to-face, a family model, durable, oriented towards food sovereignty and agro-industrial model, focused, intensive inputs and oriented towards the satisfaction of a global market.

The West Africa is now at the crossroads and peasant organizations want to influence the direction to be taken.

We offer a few excerpts from the final declaration, the entire statement is attached and is available on the blog forum.

"We, representatives of farmers' organizations and farmers CNCR members and other national platforms ROPPA members, meeting from 20 to 22 November 2012 in Dakar, with senior technical services, and technical and financial partners in the International Forum "The family farms are the main providers of food and wealth in West Africa"

confirm the importance of current and potential role of family farms,

see also:

  • family farms face a number of constraints to socio-economic status;
  • family farms have not yet expressed their full potential and still have room for improvement to significantly increase their contribution to the different functions of agriculture namely: feed the people, creating wealth and jobs and sustainable management of natural resources.

reject and condemn:

  • the process of taking our natural resources (land, water, forests ...) to other actors followers of agribusiness that hinder the development of the potential of family farms and jeopardize future generations;
  • policy choices that give priority to agri-business at the expense of family farming in the choice of public investments;
  • development programs and growth developed without consultation and negotiations with their family farms through farmer organizations and without reference to the NIPA and PRIA and other sectoral policies defined in concert with all stakeholders.

call ECOWAS states and all stakeholders in agriculture and rural development accord high importance to our recommendations:

  • Give priority to developing the potential of family farms in public investment;
  • Stop supporting projects and measures the commodification of land and powers to private developers domestic and international at the expense of family farms. This phenomenon of land grabbing leads to the exclusion of millions of farmers in production activity and / or reduced either to mere laborers, or unemployed.
  • Secure access to resources for the benefit of family farms through infrastructure investments;
  • Promote the expression of the potential of family farms in search of food sovereignty, the creation of jobs and wealth, building and protecting our Community market in West Africa;
  • Take into account the place and role of family farms in the implementation of agricultural policies in accordance with the texts of sub-regional agricultural policies;
  • Involve and empower farmers' organizations in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs for agriculture and rural development,

It is now more necessary that the actors come together to give answers to the following question:

What investments, for which production systems, for which products, for which markets and profit? "






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