Forum 2012

The 2012 IRN Forum will be held in Whyalla, South Australia

hosted by the University of South Australia’s Centre for Rural Health and Community Development.

The forum will be held from Monday 24th – Friday 28 September 2012 at the University of South Australia’s Centre for Regional Engagement, Whyalla Campus.

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Mailing Address:

IRN Conference Secretariat
University of South Australia
111 Nicolson Avenue


Building on an initial gathering in Townsville, Australia, and on four previous conferences held in Vancouver Island, Canada; Inverness, Scotland; Abingdon, USA and Udaipur, India, the 2012 IRN World Forum in the Upper Spencer Gulf, South Australia, will bring together practitioners, policy makers and scholars with an interest in regional, rural and remote communities across the world.

IRN gatherings emphasise the sharing of practical experience and the value of local knowledge in addressing local challenges.   This is especially important in the areas of community and economic development, health, education, culture and environment.   The theme of IRN 2012 is Rural and Remote Resilience:  Making the Priorities Possible.  A key aim of IRN 2012 is to attract presentations which join together community groups and practitioners with researchers / academics and or policymakers / industry.

IRN 2012 will focus on participation. There are options for academic scholarship, storytelling and themed workshops. IRN 2012 will also include a forum for PhD students with a half day colloquium and panel session planned.

Attached is a save the date flyer containing all of the information you need about this exciting international gathering, lock the date in your diary now! and feel free to forward this flyer on throughout your networks.

Registration is not yet open, however you can add yourself to our database by emailing your details to to ensure you receive future updates as they become available. All general enquiries can be forwarded to for a faster response.

Download save the date flyer:  2012 IRN Forum Save the Date Flyer.pdf

Call for Abstracts IRN 2012 Call for Abstracts.pdf

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Forum News

Federal Minister to make keynote address at Forum 2012

Abstract Extension Call for abstracts now closes end of April 2012
Abstract Extension Call for abstracts now closes end of June 2012

Forum 2012 Preliminary Program Announced!

Nicola Crosta confirms attendance as a Keynote
Nicola Crosta confirms attendance as a Keynote

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